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Points of Interest

Points of Interest


Breda is thé place, for young and old, to go shopping. The shopping centre of Breda is very versatile. There are multiple big brands like H&M, Zara, Mango and The Sting located in the center. But also more luxurious brands like Hugo Boss and Supertrash. Beside the big, new, warehouse Hudson’s Bay is also located in het center of Breda. You can shop for hours in the city center of Breda, not only for clothes or shoes but also for home articles, gadgets and kitchen equipment. You can also go shopping in the area ‘het Ginneken’. In this neighbourhood you find boutiques and more luxurious shops. It is definitely recommended to walk through het Ginneken when you go shopping in Breda.
During shopping you can stop at a lot of nice places for a break. The shopping area of Breda runs from de Grote Markt all the way to het Ginneken. In between you can find a lot of nice restaurants where you can go for a coffee and pie or for lunch. This way shopping in Breda is really a day out.


The Urban Museum Breda or as we call it ‘het Stedelijk Museum Breda’, is a new museum that opened in June 2017. The museum originated from museum MOTI and the Urban Museum. The museum is located in the former building of museum MOTI in the Boschstraat. The building used to be the guesthouse for old men, sick people and passengers and was called the Oudemannenhuis (Old Mens House). The Old Mens House, also called De Beyerd, is a symbol for the origin and growth of the city Breda. The museum brings heritage and image culture together. This means that the history of the city comes to live in this museum in different exhibitions. The museum owns different collections that represent the city Breda like Jean Bergé, Inbev Nederland BV and foundation Niels Steenbergen. The Urban Museum Breda tells you the story of Breda. So if you are a tourist or resident, you definitely need to visit this museum!

Information Stedelijk Museum https://stedelijkmuseumbreda.nl/
Collection Stedelijk Museum: https://stedelijkmuseumbreda.nl/collectie


The beautiful Valkenberg parc in Breda is the connection between the central station and the city center of Breda. When you visit Breda by train and you walk outside the station you directly see the entrance of the parc. When the sun is shining the city park can be really crowded, people are picnicking, sitting on the terrace and there are kids playing in the playground. The Valkenberg parc is the place to be in Breda when there is good weather. During the summer holidays there is an event in the park on every Tuesday. The organization provides music, food and drinks, and the visitors can use the park for an evening pick nick. During the year there are also other events hosted in the parc.
Originally the parc was the castle garden from the Lords of Breda, from which the parc has its name. The Valkenberg Park was in the past at the Falconer House, where the Falcons hunt was operated by de gentlemen of Breda and their guests. Since then, the park has been expanded and really connected Breda Central Station and the city center.


Are you visiting Breda during the summer and do you want to go to the beach nearby? This is now possible in Breda itself! In the north of the city, next to the brook the Mark, you can find Belcrum Beach. This beach, that exists since 2013, lies in het middle of the industrial hart of Breda. What makes this beach unique is that it is fully build with recycled materials and that there is a vegetable garden between the beach and the industrial area. That is what we call a project with corporate responsibility!
The city beach is the ideal place to relax. Sitting in your beach chair or hammock, you can watch boats sail by on the Mark. For children Belcrum Beach is just one big playground. They can play in the sand and build sand castles. Now and then there are also events at Belcrum Beach. If you are interested you can visit the website of Belcrum Beach for the agenda!


Do you want to discover Breda in a relaxed way or do you already know the city but you want to discover it from another perspective? Then is taking a cruise over the well-known Singels of Breda the perfect activity for you!

Breda is fully surrounded by water that is called the Singel. From the water you can see all the famous sights of Breda, like the castle, the church, the old water tower, the park, and a lot more. During an organized tour over the Singels, the boatman will tell you everything about the sights and the history of the city. You can book the tour private or with a group, without extra’s or with a beverage to drink while sailing.
It is also possible to rent your own boat and go sailing yourself, with the booking you get instructions and a map. In the narrow Singels there can be a lot of traffic sometimes so you need to follow the rules strictly. Do you want to combine sightseeing and sporting at the same time? Then you can explore the Singels by canoe.
More information is available via http://www.vvvbreda.nl/nl/ontdek-breda/natuur-water/varen-in-breda/196


Just like every other city, Breda has different neighborhoods. One of those neighborhoods is ‘het Ginneken’, this place is full of history and culture. The authentic center of this neighborhood is one street long. This street runs from the city center all the way to the center of ‘het Ginneken’. In this street you will find everything you need; shops, pubs, restaurants, churches and studios. In this street you will not find the common clothing brands but more specialty stores. These stores make this neighborhood so special and make you feel like you are walking in France.
In ‘het Ginneken’ you can find one square, the Ginnekenmarkt, located next to different bars and restaurants where you can sit and watch the people around you. This is a lovely place to relax and enjoy drinks and bites. Just around the corner of the Ginnekenmarkt you will walk into the nature of the Mastbos. Here you can make a nice walk next to the Mark brook. ‘Het Ginneken’ is the perfect place when you are looking for more piece an quiet then you will find in the city center of Breda. ‘Het Ginneken’ is definitely a place worth visiting!


The Breda Gentlemen, from the royal house of Orange-Nassau, have lived in this castle, held court, celebrated and exercised their power.
In 1198 there was already a castle in the place of the present castle, and near the castle was the Hof of the Herberghe van Breda.
This was a significant house, where important relatives, guests and homeowners found shelter. Over the centuries this castle has been almost continuously demolished and built.

The Breda Castle has been hosting the Royal Military Academy since 1828 and has been appointed as a barracks for the training of officers of the Dutch armed forces. The castle is therefore a defense area and not freely accessible.

The castle is accessible for individual visitors only guided tours organized by the VVV Breda.

Group tours are possible throughout the year, by appointment with VVV Breda.
Website and links to the pages are in Dutch


From a distance, you can see the ‘Grote Kerk’ of Breda! The church, was built in 1547, is also called Our Beloved Lady. The 97-meter high church is located in the center of Breda. When you visit the center of Breda, you cannot miss this church.

The 15th century Great Church was built by the (Orange) Nassau, the ancestors of our Royal House. The royal appearance is not only recognizable in the imposing exterior of the building, but also in the grave monuments, vault and wall paintings in the building. Very special is the Prince Chapel with its gold-plated ceiling, where the ancestors of our Royal House are buried.

The original Protestant church is currently used mainly as a venue for concerts, exhibitions, fairs and courses. When there is no event in the church, the church is free to visit. It is also possible to go to the tower of the church with the guidance of a guide. From this point, you have a beautiful view of the whole city.

Are you a tourist in Breda or a real Breda citizen? You must have climbed the Tower of the Great Church!


During a visit to Breda, a walk to the Begijnhof cannot be missed. Whoever enters the Begijnhof, through the gate on the Catharina street, is back in time. There is a serene atmosphere, still remembering the former Beguine community, despite the immediate vicinity of the busy city center. The Begijnhof Breda was founded on March 22, 1267 and exists uninterrupted until the present day. Did you know that Beguines are women who, as single people, are part of a community within the Catholic Church? Other than a member of a monastery order, no eternal vows are taken, although they promise chastity and obedience to the superior chosen by their own. In the Netherlands there were ever 38 Begijnhoven. Now there are only two left, those in Amsterdam and ‘ours’ in Breda. At the visit that Queen Wilhelmina brought to the Begijnhof on 3 July 1905, Queen Wilhelmina appeared in large letters on the inside of the gate of the Begijnhof: “Tribute and thanks from the Begijnhof to its ancient guardians, the fluffy House of Orange” . The Begijnhof in Breda is probably the institution with which the Nassau’s in the Netherlands maintain the most long-lasting contact, and from the days six centuries ago, of Johanna van Polanen, whose statue embellishes the Bredase Begijnhof.